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Entertainment2000Advertising, Marketing & Promotional Agency, since 1989 with an established presence "on land and in cyberspace", continues to provide and promote ideal advertising promotional opportunities, for clients, based on a foundation of research and ascertained marketing facts for the industry in which the company is employed or involved.
Entertainment2000Advertising, Marketing & Promotional Agency, offers advertising, promotional and marketing packages conducive to the client's budgets and need at an affordable price. Advertising and Marketing packages include: suggestive ad placements that are sound, simple and honest, attuned to consumers, and expressly providing assistance and information on how to best sale an individual product, skill or service.
You may have business ideas or encouragements that we seek and desire. The information we provide is never an obligatory.  Only presentations of opportunities for choices, comittments or descisions to be made. Goals, Dreams and Desires obtained.
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Entertainment2000Advertising, Marketing & Promotional Agency, Specialties: Advertising, Marketing and Promotions, creating productive, structured advertising campaigns, entertainment networks across the country generating income, stimulating the economy.
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